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Increase the reliability of your fleet with autonomous charging

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EV Fleet Management: Increase the reliability of your fleet with autonomous charging

As commercial and industrial fleets electrify, fleet managers have the task of rollout a supporting charging infrastructure. Autonomous charging contributes to safety and reliability. Are you ready for the next step in EV Fleet Management? 

Autonomous charging: The next step in EV Fleet Management

Keeping the electric fleet on the road and ready for the next shift is the number one priority for fleet managers. This is only possible through a reliable charging system. Challenges associated with using manual charging instead of automated charging include incomplete charging sessions, increased wear and tear on charging cables, and inefficient charging strategies.

Autonomous charging has several benefits for fleet managers and drivers, resulting in a robust and reliable fleet operation.

1. Charge faster with more efficiency

According to our analysis, human factor-induced inefficiencies can account for up to 15% of the entire charging time for high-power charging. Switching to autonomous technology for charging your vehicles eliminates this issue, making the process more efficient and safer for your employees. With automation, queuing can also be significantly reduced, with 80% of the switch time being eliminated. This can boost the throughput by 15%. These findings are based on the white paper that describes our new robotic charging approach.

2. Increase driver satisfaction and safety

As high-power charging capacity increases, charging cables are becoming heavy and quite rigid, making them hard to handle for people with reduced physical strength. Furthermore, loose cables can result in tripping hazards. By automating the charging process, drivers can operate in a safer environment and focus on their core responsibility: driving.

3. Be ready for autonomous vehicles

Self-parking vehicles are an important step towards fully autonomous EVs. Having an automated charging infrastructure is essential for the rollout of self-driving EVs.
By offering our systems online, Rocsys can provide worldwide monitoring, ensuring complete peace of mind for the fleet operator. The collected data can be shared with the customer's operation management system.

How Rocsys can support you to improve the reliability of your fleet with autonomous charging

At Rocsys, we develop autonomous charging solutions for standard EV charging connections by combining AI-based computer vision, patented soft robotics, and remote services. We enable companies to scale EVs in business-critical operations by making charging autonomous. EV charging must work reliably and predictably!

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