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Seamless charging

Optimize your charging operations in a reliable, safe, and cost-efficient way. We develop hands-free charging solutions for standard EV charging connections by combining AI-based computer vision, patented soft robotics, and remote services.

Our technology Vision

Seamless plug-in navigation with computer vision

Computer vision is the main guiding principle for our robots. This technology seamlessly navigates the plug towards the socket.

Our highly advanced vision solution is able to obtain 3-D information with a single camera. This provides the robot with the information to robustly navigate the plug towards the socket. Our deep-learning-based computer vision algorithms are trained to work under harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, fog, and bright sunlight. Due to the integrated LED lighting, the system works day and night. 

  • Deep-learning-algorithm-based vision identifies vehicle inlet orientation even in tough weather
  • Constant optimization through heavy reliability testing in automated test set-ups
  • When deployed at customers, continuous performance optimization is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Rocsys Autonomous Charging

Reliable and safe plug-in action with patented soft robotics

Our soft robotics technology ensures that the plug safely finds its way into the socket in a sometimes challenging and demanding customer environment.

The customer operation must always continue. Our robotics can handle sudden shocks and allow customer offloading of cargo, passengers, or drivers at the same time.

  • Advanced soft robotics & soft actuation technology
  • Designed from the ground up for outdoor usage
  • 6-Degrees of motion (translations & angles)
  • Soft structure is intrinsically safe & forgiving
  • Absorbs unexpected vehicle motion while connected

Remote services and SaaS for a truly seamless experience

Rocsys robots are intelligent, connected, allow teleoperation, remote diagnosis, and support, to ensure that vehicles are always connected and charged for the next shift.

We offer cloud-based API integrations which allow our customers to create an overall seamless, comprehensive fleet operation.

  • Ensure that vehicles are always connected
  • Remotely manage an automated charging operation
  • API integration for a seamless fleet management integration
Rocsys Autonomous Charging

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