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Automated Marshalling




Automated Marshalling

Automated marshaling optimizes logistics and industrial operations, making them more efficient, reliable, and scalable to meet the demands of modern supply chains and manufacturing processes. Hands-free charging completes the automation process, ensuring seamless and continuous operation.

  • Maximize Efficiency: Hands-free charging eliminates the need for manual connection, reducing downtime and increasing operational efficiency.
  • Enhance Reliability: Our automated charging systems ensure consistent and secure connections every time, minimizing the risk of charging errors.
  • Improve Safety: Hands-free charging reduces the risk of accidents and injuries by eliminating the need for manual handling, promoting a safer work environment.
  • Boost Scalability: Easily scale your operations with Rocsys' flexible and adaptable hands-free charging solutions, suitable for a wide range of electric vehicles and applications.
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Why Rocsys?

Rocsys is the global leader in seamless charging solutions for electric vehicles. Our cutting-edge technology, including soft robotics, AI-driven computer vision, and data-driven services, unlocks greater efficiency, safety, seamlessness, sustainability, and scalability for the world’s leading port operators, logistics companies, and automotive brands.

With operations in Europe and the United States, Rocsys plays a leading role in shaping standards that will unify a powerful EV ecosystem through industry consortiums and strategic partnerships with multinational corporations and OEMs. 

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