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Clean Ports Funding - What to know when writing your proposal

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Clean Ports Funding - What to know when writing your proposal

With $3 billion in EPA clean ports funding grants now available, there’s never been a better time for US port terminals to invest in electrification. Boasting lower emissions and improved efficiency, electric equipment has become a more common sight in ports throughout the country. 

However, there’s a lot to consider when making the switch to electric, and it’s crucial that port terminal operators approach their funding proposals from a holistic perspective to ensure that their grant dollars are well spent.  

Working Together 

Electrification means more than just electric vehicles. You’ll also have to take into consideration charging equipment and infrastructure. After all, electric equipment is only as efficient as their method of charging. Port agencies and terminal operators should work closely on site layout, equipment types and infrastructure requirements when planning for electrification. And consider bringing in a consulting or design agency to help you plan the project. Many agencies can not only help you with planning but can also help you navigate the funding proposal process too.  

Other Funding Opportunities  

Clean Ports is a one-time grant, but there may be other funding opportunities to help you with your electrification projects. There are ports specific grants like the Port Infrastructure Development Program, as well as state and local government and independent non-profit organizations that can help provide additional funding sources. There are also consultants who help connect organizations looking for funding opportunities with currently available grants.  



Plan for the Future 

As your operation grows, your fleet of electric equipment will need to grow with it. Before making an investment in electrification, take into consideration the changes you’ll need to make in the future. Invest in equipment and infrastructure that can scale with your growing fleet without impacting the efficiency of your day-to-day operations. Plan for the future today so you don’t have to replace outdated equipment or charging infrastructure tomorrow.  

The port industry is changing quickly, and there’s a lot to consider when investing in electrification. Rocsys is an industry leader in hands-free charging solutions, creating the first commercially deployable charging platform that integrates with all industry standard chargers to create a seamless charging experience, increasing efficiency and improving safety conditions. This makes our solution the ideal option for port fleets.

If you have an electrification project in the works, we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss how our solution might fit in with your grants proposal. Feel free to reach out to Rocsys directly to schedule a meeting using the form below.

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