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Zero Emission Port Alliance (ZEPA) Onboards Leading Organizations in Container Port Industry

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Zero Emission Port Alliance (ZEPA) Onboards Leading Organizations in Container Port Industry

The Zero Emission Port Alliance (ZEPA) announces the onboarding of 11 organizations from the container port industry. Among the members are APM Terminals, CATL, DP World, Kempower, Patrick Terminals, Port of Aarhus, Port of Rotterdam, Rocsys, Sany, SSA Marine, and ZPMC.

The ZEPA members are committed to accelerating the adoption of Battery-Electric Container
Handling Equipment (BE-CHE) together. Their collective effort is aimed to take a significant step to
speed up port decarbonization and make BE-CHE affordable and accessible within this decade. The
new members bring vital insights, contacts and a strong drive for decarbonization to the alliance. The
alliance is open to all industry partners and is run by an independent 3rd party Secretariat.
In the past months, ZEPA has conducted working sessions and initial analyses, and held its
first formal Steering Committee during TOC Europe on June 11th.

ZEPA is led by its Steering Committee, which held its first successful meeting at TOC Europe in
Rotterdam. During the meeting, ZEPA members highlighted their membership as a key priority in
their efforts to reduce emissions and to bring forward the Total Cost of Ownership parity of batteryelectric equipment with diesel. Key industry leaders voiced their support and emphasized that change
comes faster with cross-value chain collaboration. The alliance is designed and implemented in full
compliance with all applicable anti-trust and competition laws, monitored by external legal counsel.
Representatives of ZEPA members were actively involved in several panels at TOC Europe, where
the alliance' mission and progress were discussed, further emphasizing the urgency and collective
effort required to reduce emissions. ZEPA has kicked off work in three (of the four) workstreams:

  1. Projected Aggregated Demand: Measure and report projected aggregated global demand for
    BE-CHE, to incentivize Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to scale-up production and
    shorten their lead times.

  2. Voluntary Design Standards: Develop voluntary and accessible design standards for untethered
    BE-CHE, to achieve economies of scale and simplify implementation through equipment
    interoperability and compatibility. This includes harmonizing operational requirements and identifying
    potential for charging strategy harmonization and component standardization. Any design standards
    will be voluntary, public and accessible, without enforcement. The deliverables do not prevent
    stakeholders to go beyond the standards in terms of BE-CHE performance. ZEPA actively seeks
    industry and public sector input in the process.

  3. Power Infrastructure Rollout: Develop an electrification toolkit, including best practices and a
    technical checklist for port authorities and terminal operators to prepare for and implement the power
    infrastructure required for BE-CHE, shore power and other cargo segments at ports.

Stay tuned for more updates and for the ZEPA publications end of year. Please find out more
information on the work program and how to get involved on www.zepalliance.com and find the white
paper on reaching a tipping point in BE-CHE here.

Invitation to Join ZEPA: ZEPA invites terminal operators, OEMs, and port authorities to join this
important initiative. Please find out more on www.zepalliance.com/get-in-touch, or reach out
directly to zepalliance@systemiq.earth or one of its current members to initiate an exploratory

Quotes from selection of members:

Sahar Rashidbeigi, Global Head of Decarbonization, APM Terminals, stated: “Reflecting on our
journey, it is incredible to see how far we have come since defining the problem at last year’s TOC
Europe conference. From the ‘tipping point’ White Paper nine months ago to launching ZEPA with
DP World in December during COP28, and now onboarding 11 key members across the value chain,
our progress highlights that we are addressing a valuable problem that resonates across the industry,
and it affirms our conviction that collaboration is essential to tackle it effectively.”

Quote Andy Tam, Global VP Energy Management & Decarbonization, DP World, stated: “Beyond
emission reduction, we also see other benefits to electrification. For example, increased comfort and
reduced air pollution and noise. We actually see competition amongst our operators in terms of who
gets to drive the electric trucks.”

Nicolas Gauthier, President of the Global Container Division at SSA Marine stated: "At SSA Marine,
we are very proud to be a founding member of ZEPA. Building on SSA’s longstanding experience in
deploying zero emissions equipment globally, the formation of ZEPA will provide affordable and
accessible electric solutions for our industry and accelerate the journey to carbon neutrality".

Crijn Bouman, CEO and Co-Founder of Rocsys said, “Rocsys is a key player in vehicle electrification
and automation thanks to our automated charging solutions that are based on open international
standards. Alliances, such as ZEPA, help drive the industry forward, and we’re excited Rocsys can
contribute and support the voluntary design standards for automated charging within ZEPA.”

Anne Zachariassen, COO of Port of Aarhus: “In our industry, we are capable of making a difference,
and we can lead the way if we stand together. With an initiative like ZEPA, we choose to use our
combined knowledge and strengths to work towards an emission free future for container shipping. At
Port of Aarhus, we work hard to become carbon neutral, and having allies in that mission means
much better odds of succeeding. It does make a difference.

Rocsys is the global leader in hands-free charging solutions for electric vehicles. The company’s
cutting-edge technology, including next generation soft robotics, AI-driven computer vision, and data driven services, unlocks greater efficiency, safety, seamlessness, sustainability and scalability for the
world’s leading ports operators, logistics companies and automotive brands. With operations in
Europe and the United States, Rocsys plays a leading role in shaping standards that will unify a
powerful EV ecosystem through industry consortiums and strategic partnerships with multinational
corporations and OEMs.


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Publication date: June 13, 2024