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Autonomous Trucks

Self Driving Truck

Why is Autonomous Charging needed?

Innovations in autonomous vehicle technology have already started in the trucking industry, with several vehicle manufacturers already exploring prototypes for future deployment. Autonomous charging closes the automation loop, allowing electric trucks that drive themselves to charge themselves too. This has some big benefits for both vehicle OEMs and their customers: 

  • Innovative: Automated fleets no longer need a human attendant to charge them, allowing trucking companies to streamline operations and add value to OEM product offerings.  
  • Simple Integration: Easily accommodates existing charging hardware, eliminating the need for costly retrofits to vehicles or charging infrastructure from manufacturers or their customers. 
  • Scalability: Allows fleets to scale in size without significant impact to efficiency, allowing end-customers and OEMs to introduce new vehicles to the fleet easily. 
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Why Rocsys?

Rocsys is the global leader in seamless charging solutions for electric vehicles. Our cutting-edge technology, including soft robotics, AI-driven computer vision, and data-driven services, unlocks greater efficiency, safety, seamlessness, sustainability, and scalability for the world’s leading port operators, logistics companies, and automotive brands.

With operations in Europe and the United States, Rocsys plays a leading role in shaping standards that will unify a powerful EV ecosystem through industry consortiums and strategic partnerships with multinational corporations and OEMs. 

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