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Automated Guided Vehicles

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Why is Autonomous Charging needed?

To handle the ever-increasing demands of the global supply chain, many ports have introduced Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) to their fleets, many of which are all-electric. Rocsys autonomous charging closes the automation loop, allowing AGVs to both drive and charge themselves without the need for a human operator. By automating the charging process with Rocsys, both OEMs and their customers can see numerous benefits:   

  • Simple Integration: Easily accommodates existing charging hardware, eliminating the need for costly retrofits to vehicles or charging infrastructure from manufacturers or their customers.  
  • Innovative Design: Creates a seamless charging experience for port vehicle operators and provides new sales opportunities for manufacturers. 
  • Scalability: Allows fleets to scale in size without significant impact to efficiency, allowing ports and manufacturers to easily add more vehicles to growing fleets. 

Why Rocsys?

Rocsys is the global leader in seamless charging solutions for electric vehicles. Our cutting-edge technology, including soft robotics, AI-driven computer vision, and data-driven services, unlocks greater efficiency, safety, seamlessness, sustainability, and scalability for the world’s leading port operators, logistics companies, and automotive brands.

With operations in Europe and the United States, Rocsys plays a leading role in shaping standards that will unify a powerful EV ecosystem through industry consortiums and strategic partnerships with multinational corporations and OEMs. 

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